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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  March 23, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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bottom of the hour now. welcome back, i am christine romans. >> i am victor blackwell. a possible link between a felon killed last week and the unsolved murder of a texas prosecutor. he was killed thursday when he opened fire on deputies. he already is linked to the shooter last year of colorado's prison chief and the murder of a delivery driver in denver, and now he may be involved in the january murder of a prosecutor outside a county courthouse. and a homeowner tries to get rid of a snake. but this is what happens. the plan goes up in flames. the woman dowsed the reptile in gasoline and her son lit it on fire. >> oh, boy. what could go wrong? >> trying to escape, the snake ignited brush setting fire to
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the house and the house next door which she owned as well, and nobody was hurt and nobody knows what happened to the snake. charged with first-degree murder, two teens. police say they relied on the description of the mom and the school records of who was missing, but the aunt says her nephew could not have done it. >> i am devastated and sad because they have the wrong person. i hate what happened to that baby because no baby deserved to go through that but at the same time they are taking somebody to jail that is innocent. i am 100% he was not at that crime scene and he was at my residents. >> police have not commented on that claim. and then should a fertilized human egg a person? a vote of the constitutional
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amendment would outlaw abortion in the state. meantime, the governor is considering a bill would ban an abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. a sign at an airport collapses killing a boy and injuring his mother. this display board fell on the boy, his mom and three siblings as the father was check into the flight. injuries to the other kids is not known as this point. and a man from france heading to florida tried to dupe an airline crew any thinking he was a pilot. that's according to philadelphia police. they say the man got off the plane but didn't get away from them. >> they charged him with trespassing and lying to police and impersonating a public servant. we explain how he posed a pilot. >> he was a ticketed passenger so he didn't breach security but when he did not like his seat
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assignment he tried to pass himself off as a pilot. in the movie "catch me if you can," leonardo dicaprio passed as a pilot. >> philippe jernnard, a retired winemaker was on a layover in philadelphia, and he was dressed in a white button down shirt with an air france logo over the po pocket. he went to the gate and tried to get his seat upgraded from coach but they could not accommodate his request. authorities say he boarded the plane and went to the cockpit and sat behind the pilot in what is known as a jump seat, but the pilots became suspicious when he could not even figure out how to
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fasten the straps. when requested, he didn't have any of the proper paperwork and became argumentative. >> this has happened before -- >> one retired airplane pilot says how pilots from other careers have to show credentials. >> in order to have access to the cockpit, the paperwork you would have to have would normally come from the ticket counter or the gate agent, and this specific company specific paperwork following federal guidelines. >> philippe jernnard was carrying what france called a bad fake id, and he is now facing charges, and the fbi is also investigating. law enforcement officials say investigators have not found links to terrorism, and passengers on the plane had similar reactions. >> that's pretty scary. i fly every week, so that's actually pretty concerning. >> that's nuts. no way. >> it's crazy.
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>> authorities want to know what was his motive? was it for the perks and having a better seat, or life imitating art? >> it's a little reminiscent of the movie . >> i don't think it was quite that far. this guy did not look like leonar leonar leonardo. >> at this point it was not immediate apparent to the airline officials this was a criminal situation, and he was rebooked on another flight and security was alerted and they contacted the police and arrested him at the gate where he was waiting for his next flight. christine and victor? >> thank you. jay leno throwing barbs at his bosses. that's always fun. that's coming up next. discover.
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oh, christine is going to love this segment. and you will figure out why in just a moment. march madness and basketball, day two of the big dances in the books. some games have been, well, crazy. the biggest upset last night, and this is what was all over twitter, florida gulf coast eagles. you are not alone if you never heard of them. they took down georgetown. 78-68. man. some players -- you can imagine why, they broke down in tears after the loss because who thought they would be out this early. some predicted they would take
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it all the way. this is the seventh time in history a 15th seed beat a number 2 seed in the tournament. here is one of the happy winners, guard bernard thompson. >> we played our hearts out. we know it's winner go home from here and it's a great feeling and just excited. i don't really know what to do with myself still. >> it's called march madness because it's madness and it's so fascinating to watch teams upset other ones, and the georgetown, they must be so disappointed. and iowa state, i picked them and rolled over the irish, 76-58, and i went to iowa state, and should we show the bracket challenge now? should we show it? should we show it? >> go ahead. >> i will relish it while i can. i am at the top. i picked them like i pick stocks, and i don't know a lot
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about college basketball but i pick it like i would pick stocks. i asked how long the coach is and what did they do last year? how many seniors do they have? i tried to analyze it like a company if i wanted to buy the stock? >> that put christine a loan at the top. brooke, chad, john, they are tied. there are ties throughout. let's go to the bottom. >> victor. >> there i am in 20th place. >> how much time did you spend? >> maybe six minutes. i was in bed and i don't anything about college basketball, and i picked names i knew and some i didn't and picked a cinderella or two and sent it in. clearly your method works. >> it's early. but we have a couple weeks left. >> if i could have bragging rights when brandi returns, that would be great. jay lean yno dissing the bo.
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so now we are doing the e-block, and that means it's time for entertainment news. >> we get to the battle with jay leno. he has been talking trash all week at the expense of the network and some executives. listen. >> doctors in canada were
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shocked after pulling a three-inch knife blade from the back of a 32-year-old man. the knife had been in there for three years. can you imagine that? the guy had a knife in his back for three years, so he must have worked at nbc, too. you have heard about the alleged feud i am having with nbc? i think it's going to be okay. i had dinner last night with a bunch of nbc executives, and to make up to me -- listen to me. to make it up to me, what they did, they are sending my wife and i on an all-expenses paid carnival cruise. how about that? wow. how about that? >> that was good. funny. a good fight and always good for ratings. we know that. and let's find out what the washington contributor and bill have to say about it. bill, i will start with you. >> good to be here. >> should he quit now? if this is what we are talking
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about, should he go? >> victor, we have seen this before. even if fallon does takeover, you know leno is not going to go away quietly. he is like a mole in a basement, you will not get rid of him. he should be happy to be replaced with somebody more unwatchable than he is, and that's the legacy, and either way he will be fine. he has plenty of money. >> i love jimmy fallon. >> yeah, he is a great standup. he is. as a host -- after carson, you never wanted to see carson's win, but they just like the factories for the viral videos, but the shows themselves, who watched? i want to be on the show and i don't watch. >> i think millions of people still are watching the shows, but they are all guys. alexandra, maybe jimmy fallon will be the one to replace jay, but isn't it time for a woman? >> that's a good question. i think the title late night
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comedian is the right title, but maybe he is a historian. >> is that great late night television. i love it, i love the books but after the local news i want to watch -- >> i love her -- >> i feel bad talking bad about him because my grandparents love him, and they say he helps them to sleep. >> i will tell you something about jay. people say he is not a good standup, and i watch him often and you can check him out live every sunday and he is a great standup to this day. as a host i don't watch him on "the tonight show," it has never been the same for me since carson advocated. i want to get to this, and i don't want to call eight feud,
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but a confusing disagreement between rush limbaugh and beyonce. reports are saying limbaugh slammed beyonce for her new song "bow down," assuming she was telling women to be obedient to men, and is this typical? >> i was beyonce listener and i this nightmarish listener of rush limbaugh sitting in his robe angrily sittinging along t "all the single ladies" and he's just a title misreader so i was disapointed to him. >> i printed out some of the lyrics, one of them is i took the time to live my life but don't think i'm just his little wife, that message is in the song she's no, just a wife by her definition. >> also we get into deep reading of beyonce lyrics and titles,
4:53 am
that's a slippery slope. i would like to know what "baby boy" means. somebody explain that. >> it is new material for rush limbaugh. i haven't seen him go after beyonce before. >> rush limbaugh's specialty is in not knowing what the hell he's talking about, that's his core competency and brand, getting it wrong only strengthness the fervent followsh followshipers. >> lululemon pants, the great yoga pants caper. you might be out of luck if you love lululemon yoga pants. >> i do love them. i'm familiar with them. >> we're calling it a sheer drama. alexandra you wrote an entire column, one of our favorite parts "all we ask is that you be comfortable, stretchy and not,
4:54 am
well, unveil our bottom line. if we want to see london or france we can save up money and go on vacation alone. yoga is embarrassing enough without worrying about southern exposure." this is one of the weirdest, i call it a case of poker transparency. >> i think transparency is a good word. ooh. i -- >> got a little feedback there? >> i'm disappearing. if i'm actually talking, hello, everyone. the thing about yoga, i'm always in the back, seeing the urns and the downward or buttward facing transparency looker, that's a real stunning term we should incorporate. i don't know. >> they don't just wear them in yoga class anymore, the cashier
4:55 am
at my supermarket has been wearing on it and i'm a much more loyal shopper, i'm on that express lane every day and i can no longer control my impulse buys so i think it's good for the economy. they shouldn't be recalling them. they should be compulsory. >> make sure you buy everything nine items at a time. >> i do now, i do. >> lululemon, i stayed out of that. i work out basketball, in an old paint ball t-shirt. >> hope we never see them on rush limbaugh on "the tonight show" hosted by jimmy fallon. >> thank you to both of you. >> thank you. >> they're so funny. this bowl sold for $2.2 million at auction. that's a nice investment.
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